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Bonsai Intermediate Course & Clinic

Date:  14th October 2023 commencing at 2 pm

Time.  Approx. 2.5 hours.

Instructor: Dean Wilson

Assistant Instructor: Zeke Ezra


Attendees to bring one Plant they wish to work on.  It could be an existing bonsai or a plant they wish to bonsai.  Note if you have multiple plants and are unsure which might be best then if you can bring them along (ideally no more than three) so Dean can assist you with the decision. Time permitting you may work on more than one plant.


Course will cover :


  • Importance of Soil, various additives generally used, and availability or make your own. Importance of fertilising and frequency.


  • Roots.  Pruning . How heavy and when.


  • Bonsai Tools and their use.


  • Tree structure and types of plants. 


  • Pot selection.


  • Working on your plant.  Soil and wire will be provided. You need to bring your own tools or you can purchase tools or pots if required. (Attendees receive a discount of 10% on all purchases.  We also have a limited number of tool kits at a very favourable price). Please enquire ahead of time. 



Course notes will be provided.

Course fee:  $145

Numbers limited and a 50% deposit is required with the balance one week before the Course. 

A full refund will be made if the Course is cancelled.

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