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Established in February 2023 this specialty nursery has been a result of my love of gardens, gardening and more recently the art of Bonsai and Penjing.

When the opportunity to rent a small but suitable space in a creative complex in Robertson presented itself it allowed me to fulfil my long standing desire to operate a nursery but with a difference.

Having been captivated by Bonsai and Penjing plants and the enjoyment of this rewarding pastime I decided my primary focus would be to introduce it to as many others who may have the slightest interest but just needed the impetus to commence. With the assistance of Dean Wilson, a Bonsai practitioner with over 40 years experience and whose guidance has been invaluable to me, it was determined Bonsai courses would adequately achieve my aim to get new Bonsai enthusiasts on board.

With it as the backbone of the offering, it was clear to operate as a business I needed more so Indoor and Outdoor pots and plants were an obvious addition.

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