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Bonsai Pots

The perfect pairing of a well-designed pot and a Bonsai Tree can transform a simple plant into a true Bonsai masterpiece. One crucial aspect to keep in mind when selecting a Bonsai Pot is the measurements, specifically the depth of the pot. Ideally, the Bonsai pot should have a similar height to the width of the trunk above the surface roots. Oval and rectangular pots typically have a height that is two-thirds of the tree's overall height. On the other hand, round or square pots usually have a height that is one-third of the Bonsai Tree height, unless the foliage is exceptionally large. In such cases, the pot may also need to be wider, but the height can be adjusted accordingly.

Discover a wide selection of unique Bonsai Pots in both Glazed and Unglazed finishes at our Bonsai Shop. Our collection includes Bonsai Pots of various sizes, ranging from deep, shallow to cascade, and comes in Circle, Square, Hex, Rectangular and other  Old Design shapes.

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